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hello felliass**taktau eja
haha so untuk kali ni zahir bawakkan cerita orang putih pulak haaaa kalau yang baru tau sbb apa zahir post cerita.. korang boleh pergi ke entry Jom  Jadi Novelis ..Alhamdulillah byk gak cerita yang zahir dapat dari rakan2 semua.. sampaikan zahir pening nak post camnerkan haha btw crita kali ni dari seorang pompuan jugak ehhe dia bawak cita org putih aduii baru sedar...patut nya zahir kna speaking td haha takper the title of this story is JENG2**huhuw acah je..korang kan bijak pandai so baca k..
Chapter 1: Secret Lies

It was another ordinary school day for Aniq Haiqal, a day spent doing nothing particularly important, and this day was nearing its end. Like normal he was spending the end of the school day in the room used for the service club and he was just sitting on a chair glancing through a book, as usual. In the service club room were his fellow club members, Maira Anisa  and Ariana Miki, both were also doing what they normally did, Maira was on her phone and the club president Ariana was reading a book. The mood was quiet, which Aniq enjoyed until the clubrooms door was loudly opened revealing an energetic student council president, Isshiki Iroha.

 "Senior!" shouted Aria as she entered the clubroom.
"Aria, next time please try knocking," said Ariana giving the student council president her famous ice cold stare.

Seeing the stare Isshiki nervously laughed and said, "Sorry, senior Ariana" once she said that she retreated out of the room and closed the door. After a couple of seconds a timid knock could be heard.

 Ariana allowed Aria to enter the clubroom, "So what can we do for you, Aria?”
"Nothing really I just came here to borrow senior" replied Aria as she turned her attention to Aniq who sighed once he heard what Aria said.

“Come on senior lets go!”
“Yeah, Yeah" said the tired looking Aniq, once he said those words he suddenly felt the temperature of the room drop, he quickly looked at his fellow club members and saw two terrifying cold glares directed at him.

"And why exactly do you need to borrow one of my club members, Aria" ask Ariana as she redirected her cold glare towards the student council president.
"I-I need senior to help me with something" replied the Aria looking right into Ariana's cold glare.
"All three of us could help you since it is our jobs as the service club" said Ariana.
"I wouldn't want to bother you and senior Maira and besides senior promised me he would take responsibility".

"T-ta-take res-responsibility" mumbled Maira.
Upon hearing those last few words both Ariana and Maira turned their heads toward Aniq who could only sigh at the student council presidents remarks.
"Care to explain yourself Aniq?" said Ariana in a cold tone.
"Uh well it is just a poor choice of words on Aria's part right, Aria?" ask Aniq.
"Eh, but you said you would take responsibility senior" said the smirking Aria.

Aniq sighed and realised that this isn't going anywhere, "Yes, yes I said I would help you", he turned to face both Maira and Ariana, "I'll explain later" he said as he exited the clubroom.
"Alright, so?? What do you want me to help you with" said Aniq.
"Eh, what's with that face senior?"
“This is my normal face! Just tell me what you need already"
"Hm, fine then"

Right now both Aria and Aniq were in an empty student council room, looking around Aniq thought, “Shouldn’t there be more people working, but if no one is watching and there is no actual work to do then what there is no need to actually show up to work is there, but then why am I here.” As he was thinking that Aria pulled out a poster with a picture of a piano on it from the draw and put in front of Aniq's face.

“Huh? Whats this … CS Music Festival?" read Aniq.
”Yep, but we have huuuugeeee problem senior!”
"And what is that?"
”Well the music club is doing the performances and the person playing the piano broke his arm so now we don't have anyone to play the piano"
"Just cut out the part with piano"
"But the piano is the main part of the show, and besides its the biggest thing on the poster"
“Then just tell people what happened and that no one will be playing the piano", ‘Seriously you could have solved this one on your' Aniq thought to himself, 'And why does the music club only have one piano player'

"But then people will be disappointed with the event the student council is organizing." She made sure to stress that the student council is organizing it. 'I see' thought Aniq, 'Since the student council is organizing it means your organizing it and when something goes wrong people generally blame the leader and in this case it would mean people blame Aria'
"Have you tried finding another piano player" asked Aniq while thinking, “If it comes down to it I guess I’ll have no choice.’

"That's the first thing I did senior, and I could only find one person who can play the piano" she said. Knowing who she was talking about Aniq looked away while she looked at Him pleadingly, "Will you take responsibility senior?"
Aniq hesitantly looked at the piano in the poster of the concert and said, "But I haven't played in two years"

"A little practice can fix you up senior! I’m sure that!" said Aria with confidently.
'It’s not that I haven’t played, I do play but a concert is different without her can I play' Aniq smiled as he thought this, 'If she were here right now she would hit me for no longer playing at concerts or competitions, I guess I have no choice.’ Aniq sighed.
"I guess I have no choice, fine then, I’ll do it."
"Ah thank you so much senior! I knew you'd take responsibility" said Aria with happily.
“Okay okay” said Aniq with lazy face.


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